Raphael and La Fornarina - A true love with tragic end

La Fornarina

The most famous and tragic love story in Rome: the passionate love story between Raphael and Margherita Luti, knew under the nickname of Fornarina (the baker's daughter). Fornarina ispired several Raphael's paintings. It was a short and strong love with a tragic end. After a long night of passion, Raphael contracted fever. He didn’t tell his doctors the true cause, and he received a wrong treatment based on blood-letting and died 15 days later, April 6, 1520, the day of his 37th birthday. This is the romanticized version of Vasari about the death of the great artist. More likely, Raphael died after contracting malaria, common at that time in Rome. After his death Fornarina spent the rest of her life in the convent of the Nuns of St. Apollonia. If you go in Trastevere, at the number 20 of via Santa Dorotea, near Porta Settimina, you can still see the modest house of Fornarina.