British Museum loans Belvedere Torso from Vatican for body exhibition

Belvedere Torso Vatican Museums
The Vatican  has agreed to loan the Belvedere Torso to the British Museum. The sculpture, perhaps Heracles or  Ajax, is to travel from the Vatican Museums to the UK for the first time, for the British Museum’s big spring exhibition on the human body in ancient Greek art. 
The muscled torso dates to the 1st century BC, and is signed by the Athenian sculptor Apollonios the son of Nestor and was long thought to be a 1st-century-bc original. It is now believed  to be a copy from the 1st century BC or AD of an older statue, which probably dated to the early 2nd century BC.
The Belvedere Torso was the favourite piece of the grand master Michelangelo and served as inspiration for several of the figures in the Sistine Chapel. He called it his "teacher" and studied it so ardently that some wags called it "Michelangelo's torso.

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